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Thank you Clean Grooves ( Charles ) for the incredible amazing sound after cleaning my LPs . Iron Maiden , The X Factor

Juan G

Thanks a ton for taking care of my ultra rare lp. The vinyl looks beautiful and plays perfect!

Scott Z.

I purchased the Joni Mitchell album that you recently cleaned 45 years ago while in college. So when I put it on my turntable all these years later, I was expecting a lot of hiss and scratching noise. To my surprise, it sounded pretty much as it did the first time I played it all those years ago. I was very impressed. Great job.


So many music posts could happen today!!!!! We bought this album from (my favorite) Rock and Roll Land for 1$. It was covered in at least 10 years of dust and was scratched. The sleeve was warped and water damaged I didn't think it would ever actually play... (It was bad, I wish I would have taken a before picture! )But it was a dollar and original Pink Floyd isn't easy to come by... Luckily we have hook ups. Charles Schwenk from Clean Grooves cleaned it to like new quality and Todd Magnuson just happened to have an extra sleeve to this record hanging out at the store. And we have a fully functional original press Pink Floyd Animals record for $1. Thanks guys you are both the actual best!

Dawn C.