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Hi, you’ve reached Clean Grooves – America’s premium online vinyl record cleaning company. For years, we’ve been the go-to guys vinyl enthusiasts from coast to coast have trusted to clean and restore their record collections. Scroll around, then send us some vinyl. You’ll be amazed at the depth of sound we can revive from your old records.



We clean your vinyl records like they’re our vinyl records.

No one is more passionate about clean vinyl and audiophile sound quality than Charles Schwenk, owner of Clean Grooves. From John Denver on the Magnavox in the 70′s, to being turned on to classic opera recordings in the 90′s by his high school music teacher Lawrence Holdridge, his unconditional love for vinyl records is unparalleled. In a search for a professional record cleaning service for his prized James Taylor collection and those same opera records, he discovered that no one was around.  Thus, Clean Grooves was born. If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, trust someone who shares your passion.  We spend as long as it takes, upwards of 15 minutes cleaning each record!

Clean vinyl brings good karma!

We’ll clean your records with some of the same equipment used in the National Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institute have to help preserve the most important recordings in history. Meticulously and methodically, we’ll restore your records to best possible quality and conveniently ship them back to you for your listening enjoyment. Simply choose your favorite recordings, choose a rate quantity below, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Super Deep Cleaning


Enzyme Cleaning


Payment Choices

You are welcome to include a personal check with your order. Please confirm with me the total and make it out to "Clean Grooves, LLC."
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Why is CLEAN GROOVES the BEST record cleaning service?!!!

Because our customers have been trusting us with their music for years.

Prices include return shipping!!! AND!!!  All cleaned records will be carefully put into a new MFSL anti-static sleeve AND the outer jacket will be slid into a premium re-sealable clear polypro sleeve.  

*Larger quantity pricing available upon request.

Let’s get things started.

Clean Grooves
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